Major Initial Considerations

What will be the type and style of the home?
Early discussions about designing the home to the lot and family lifestyle
What is the budget? Does the budget include the cost of the lot?
Financing options

Discussion of Palace's Team Concept
Construction Discussions


Style and size of home the lot will allow
Topography limitations
Soil conditions
Covenants and zoning restrictions
Building Lot Acquistion


Review of previous design discussions and lot constraints
Employ an Architect or Draftsman (cost range from $4,000 to $10,000)
Review soils tests, engineering requirements, subdivision covenants and zoning restrictions
Establish target budget
This phase requires a great deal of interaction between the owners, the builder and the designer.
Final design is completed and submitted to the builder so the bid process can start.
Bidding the cost of a custom home

Cost Estimate

About fourteen sets of the plans are made and submitted to subcontractors. (Blueprint copy costs are paid by the homeowners - usually less than $150.00)
Owners are given an opportunity to meet with each supplier for their selection of "Owner Allowance" items.
Palace homes manages and completes all of the above processes at no cost to the homeowner with the exception of the cost of the design and blueprinting costs.
Contract pricing for home

Cost Review

After all bids are in and the subcontractors have been selected, we review the final pricing and suggest alternatives if the cost has exceeded the target budget.
Upon agreement of the final product and price a contract is entered into between the homeowner and Palace Homes.
Home building approval process


The approval process includes, but may not be limited to the following:
Local Zoning Department
Local Building Department
Subdivision Architectural Control Committee
Excavation for a new home

Breaking Ground

The lot is marked for homeowner approval
The excavation plan is approved by the homeowners
Grades are verified to obtain proper floor and roof heights
Excavation is completed
The excavation is inspected by a soils engineer.
Foundation Construction


The excavation is inspected by a soils engineer.
Foundation footers are formed, inspected and poured based upon the plan approved by the homeowner, builder and the building department.
Foundation forms are set and wall heights are established as approved by builder.
Foundation is inspected and poured.
Forms are removed.
Waterproofing and foundation a foundation drain is installed and inspected
Backfilling the foundation


Soil is backfilled against the foundation and the rough grade is established.
Radon mats (if necessary) are placed.
Flat concrete is poured in the basement and garage.
Deck piers are inspected and poured.
Framing the home


Home is framed and trussed
Roof is installed
Windows and doors are installed
Heating & cooling systems installed

Heating & Cooling

Installations Include:
Heating and ventilation duct work systems
Plumbing supply and drains
Gas Lines
Electrical systems
Hot water heaters
Home insulation installed


Insulation is installed.
Insulation installation is inspected.
Drywall installed

Plumbing Fixtures & Drywall

Bath tubs and shower bases are installed.
Drywall is hung, taped, primed, and textured.
Finishing the custom home

Interior Finishes

Interior painting and wood staining is completed. The following items are installed:
Bath tile and Flooring
Trim carpentry
Cabinets and Counters
Plumbing Fixtures
Lighting Fixtures
Finished Custom Home
Your custom home is polished.
A punch list of final completion items is created.
The owners of Palace Homes will carefully walk through your new home with you.
Warranty and call back procedures are explained.
The financing is closed and final payoffs are made.
The total duration of time from the first serious conversations to final completion is approximately forty-two weeks
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