The Green Building Movement

For years homeowners have been building and remodeling their homes primarily to improve the aesthetic value, raise the standard of living, or to increase the living space. However in the last several years conscientious homeowners have become increasingly focused upon attributes that make their homes more energy efficient, healthy to live in and have greater durability - resulting in less maintenance. Providing these attributes has become commonly known in our industry as "Green Building Practices."

Contrary to what many believe, Green buildings do not require any change in architectural style, nor do they need to cost significantly more. Green building attributes can be incorporated into the structure of any style, shape or size.

The Green Building Practices

Technologies and materials that help the home operate using less energy and requiring less maintenance

green_practice2Palace Homes has been including many of these features for years because we believe they are part of giving our customer more value for their dollar. As we see it, the wave of the future and trend in our local building codes will incorporate such requirements as:

The next wave in the Green Building Practices movement will include the elimination of incandescent lights in lieu of compact fluorescent or LED lighting, solar water heaters and photovoltaic electrical generation panels. Even now we are preparing for this potential by running conduits into the appropriate areas of our new and remodeled homes so these devices can be installed in the future.

The Jewel Box

A shining example of craftsmanship, design, finishes and state of the art features that make it a diamond amongst other homes.

  Smaller in size   -   Easier to maintain   -   "Green" in concept

green_practices4 We encourage our homeowners to consider allowing us to design and build smaller homes that incorporate state of the art features and finish them nicer. We like to call it making a "Jewel Box." It may cost a little more on the front end than larger conventional designs, but in reality the "Jewel Box" will be easier to maintain, cost less to live in and have a higher resale value.

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