We have provided Waldo Canyon fire help, as well as, Black Forest fire help. We offer specialized house plan services for clients who have lost their home in a fire. We will help every step of the way in building a home to replace the home lost in a fire. To make the process smoother we develop two sets of house plans for you.

Insurance Replacement Plans
The first set of house plans we call the "Insurance Replacement Plans". This is a reconstruction of the destroyed home as best as it can be developed. We use all available resources to develop this house plan, including your recollections, existing house plans, if they are available, and data on file with the county. This set of house plans is used to ensure that you receive the maximum replacement value for the destroyed structure from your insurance company and is the only plan the insurance company will see. It is developed specifically to simplify the process of dealing with your insurance company and making sure you receive full value for the lost home.

Actual Replacement Plans
The second set is what we call the "Actual Replacement Plans". Once a settlement is reached with the insurance company, you will have an accurate budget for your new home and can begin the home design process. When building a home that is a replacement it is often easier if the new house fits the same footprint as the lost structure. Of course you will be free to change or replace the design to your liking. This is where you can use your creativity and input from industry professionals to redesign your home to better suit your needs. For example, one client of Palace Homes Inc. decided to prepare the home for wheelchair access and movement, wider doors, zero-step entries, additional framing for handrails. This client also re-arranged the kitchen and dining room to better suit her taste along with dozens of other changes to better suit her future needs. Another client completely redesigned their home to take better advantage of the available views and to add a sun room.

Building a home can be overwhelming and the possibilities are not limitless due to Home Owner Association rules, required county building codes and, of course your budget, but we can help guide you within these constraints to design the home of your dreams.

Gloria Horne

Gloria lost her home in the Waldo fire and when she came to Palace Homes Inc., she wasn't sure how to start the process. She had never given any thought to building a custom home and this is where our experience and total customer support came in to help. By listening carefully to Gloria, answering her questions and guiding her through the process we were able to break the many decisions she needed to make down into more manageable segments. We worked hand in hand with Gloria and Raven Designs to help her visualize her new home.

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